SkinFirm™ Skin Tightening Wand + FREEBIES

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 Radio Frequency (RF) skin tightening 
 LED Light Therapy hand-held Device 
 Reduce Wrinkles & fine lines at home
 Use on Face, jowls, neck, stomach, body
 USB charger fits any country

"I look younger so I feel younger... all from a simple 10-minute routine!"


See and feel the difference. 

A lot of people use makeup to cover imperfections because they just don't feel confident in their own skin. 

But have you ever wondered how it feels to be more confident with your appearance? Especially an improvement that comes from just 10 mins, 3 times per week.


Beauty salons provide skin tightening treatments using radiofrequency (RF), which typically cost $1,000 to $4,000 for one to five treatments. This treatment course is recommended every 6 to 12 months. 

The SkinFirm™ wand allows you to perform the treatment yourself saving money & time while allowing you the convenience and privacy of your own home - making it one of the easiest and most effective beauty routines available!


"SkinFirm has really helped to improve my skin and overall confidence in my appearance. I used to spend hours with a range of beauty products that were time-consuming and costly. Now I have a simple routine that gives me fantastic results.

I'm so impressed with SkinFirm that I've recommended it to all my friends!"

- Mary


Everyone knows that skin changes over time. It naturally loses it's elasticity, causing wrinkles and fine lines.

The environment around you can also damage your skin structure, such as exposure to the Sun (UV radiation), pollution, poor diet, smoking and even repeated facial expressions. 

SkinFirm™ uses Radio Frequency. Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), and LED Light Therapy. This gently heats the collagen under the skin’s surface, causing it to contract as well as to create more collagen naturally. 


Question: Is RF skin tightening harmful to my health?

Answer: Absolutely not! RF Skin tightening has been through clinical tests to ensure it is a safe procedure and has been used for years. In fact, it actually gives you health benefits as it stimulates the lymphatic system & blood flow while restoring the balance of sensitive skin.


Question: How much will the SkinFirm™wand improve my skin?

Answer: Results vary from person to person, as we all have different genetics. Most people will feel a difference from their first use and will see visible improvements within 2 weeks. The longer SkinFirm™ is used, the more obvious the improvements are and the longer-lasting they become. We constantly receive feedback from clients thanking us for the amazing results!


Question: Can I use SkinFirm™ on sensitive skin?

Answer: Yes you can! SkinFirm™ is suitable for all skin types, whether dry, oily or anything in between. It helps to improve acne and dark spots so that your overall complexion will become clearer. It also enhances the absorption of skincare products, to help nourish the skin. 


Question: Can I use SkinFirm™ on all parts of my body?

Answer: You can use SkinFirm™ on almost all of your skin, apart from the thyroid area and sensitive areas. From the age of 20, our bodies produce 1% less collagen each year. As collagen and elastin fibres become thicker and looser, skin becomes brittle and inelastic; signs of the skin’s attempt to stretch back and forth which turn into wrinkles. This happens across all skin areas. 

SkinFirm can be used to reverse this natural progression on almost all of your body. Common areas to reduce the signs of ageing include the face, forehead, hands, arms & stomach.

Package includes: 1pc Skin Tightening Band + Stand+ USB Cable + Plastic Ring + Instructional Manual
** An English guide will be included.


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