5 in 1 Solar Radio

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✅Solar and Electric Charging
✅Strong Signal Radio
✅Phone Charger
✅ExtraBass Bluetooth Speaker
✅6pcs LED Torchlight
HIFI Sounds Strong
Signal Bluetooth wireless
Speaker FM/AM/SW
Rechargeable Replaceable
Battery 18650 Type Battery
MicroUSB Charger Interface
Bluetooth Wireless
Radio Speaker FM / AM / SW 6Band.
Microusb DC5V Input.
18650 Battery Rechargeable / Replaceable. SD / USB / MP3 / AUX .
ExtraBass Speaker.
Strong Signal. Compatible with Tablet / Laptop / Smartphone. 6pcs LED Torchlight , There is always light in the dark. 18cm length x 7cm width x 10cm height