(Buy 1 Get 1) EcoTab™ LCD Writing Tablet 8.5"

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Save trees and help the environment by using this e-Writing Tablet. It’s a paperless electronic alternative to memo pads, sticky notes, sketchbooks, dry erase boards, and other writing or drawing medium.

No more wasted paper, no more using an eraser! E-Writing Tablet for Kids comes with a stylus pen.  Clearing the screen is quick too. Simply click on the button and presto! 

With the e-Writing Tablet, have a place for your little tots drawing pictures, writing the alphabet, and more without having to worry about scrubbing crayon or pencil markings from the wall once your little one is done drawing.

Eco-Friendly - There’s no more need to waste countless pieces of paper for a quick note or doodle. With the e-Writing Tablet, conserve our planet's resources by diminishing your use of paper and reducing your carbon footprint.

Ultra-slim And Compact Design - Perfect for using anywhere you need. Keep one on the fridge at home, in your locker at school, or in your office for quick memos and notes to write reminders, notes, or drawings in an instant.

Versatile - Whether it’s a sweet note or grocery list, use the e-Writing Tablet for all your writing and drawing needs.

Erase Button - You don't need to use an eraser, just press the button, the screen will be clean again. Start anew and let your creativity boost!



Material: ABS Screen:

LCD Input Pressure: 10-20G

Display: Flexible LCD Panel Screen

Size: 8.5 inches

Power Supply: Built-in CR2016 (or CR2025) Button Battery

Color: Black / Red / Rose / Green / Blue optional

Item Size (approx.): 22*14*.04cm / 8.66*5.51*0.16inch Item Weight (approx.): 100g / 3.53oz